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Our firm is passionate about helping technology businesses grow and achieve their commercial goals. Clients continually return to us because of our extensive experience with and deep knowledge of software agreements. 

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What We Do

What We Do

Software Law

Comprehensive Legal Guidance For Software Licensing and Service Agreements

The focus of Adron Law is helping small to mid-sized technology firms in the software business. Among other things, we can help you and your business license software, set up hosted services (SaaS), provide consulting services, establish distribution channels and partner with other complementary companies on teaming agreements for large projects.


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We’re very impressed with the pragmatic and professional approach Adron brings to our contract negotiations and business needs. We rely on his expertise in hammering out IP contrac…
Keith F. JensenFinance Dorado, Inc.
As a CFO, I am involved in most all legal aspects of the company’s operations. The nature of the legal matters can range from general employment issues to real estate leases to sig…
W. Virginia WalkerOSE Systems worldwide
I’ve worked with Adron Law for about 20 years as our commercial counsel through three startups, an IPO and an M&A. Adron has been the consummate teammate. While being an outsourced…
Staci CosbySplit Software, Inc.
Adron has represented 4D, Inc. since 1994. Adron makes the intricacies of licenses and contracts easy. He explains them in business terms. Working with Adron on contracts allows us…
Brendan Coveney4D, Inc.

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Latest Blog

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